Saturday, 28 July 2012

A quick catch up

I am not a great blogger, right? Lots of gaps between posts, lots of silence. I do try, but life gets in the way. Which, at the moment, is a bit sad, as (according to the very detailed traces of my daily activities that I have thanks to a large part of my job) I'm mostly at work. And home. And traveling between the two, by foot, by bike, by bus, or by metro.

Exciting, right? :-)

But, that being said, there has been some excitement for me on the Little Red Dot. But first - the last pics from the trip to Bali!

Did I mention that it was a bit warm?

The market in Ubud (it was actually quite crowded, just not right here)

Monkey Jungle

...and just the jungle

Last meal - delicious fish, though the green beans were the best part
Not long after that, there was a quick trip to Koh Samui, Thailand for a weekend of yoga.

I don't want to be tanked, thanks

...well, I like to *think* I'm good luck

Elephant towels

The yoga studio

Cool and dry inside, raining outside. Amazing yoga.

A couple of performances at the Esplanade (Carmina Burana and Rites of Spring)

...and now I'm living in my own little studio! Pictures in the next entry... Promise.

Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Hello, Bali (Part 2 - Sunday, Part 1)

(...apparently Sunday took a long time to get there...)

Sunday morning dawned at my usual too-early-for-normal-people time, so I spent some more time reading on the deck and drinking coffee while awaiting my second massage. I had arranged for a driver for the day to take me around, so post-massage I showered, packed, and left my things at the desk before checking out. And then off to explore!

The first stop was at a traditional family compound.

The kitchen

I cannot imagine cooking in this kitchen. It was already sweltering outside, so add this oven...

Rice out to dry

The family temple

Cockfighting is not apparently not illegal in Indonesia...
After exploring the compound, my driver next took me to one of the local temples. Beautiful.

Looking into the temple

Sporting a sarong

Bird house

A bit later, there was some playing of the instruments - delightful!

Next stop was short hike to a lovely waterfall.

The stairs...the knee did not like the stairs. Ah well - worth it!

So many pictures for one day! Still more to come in Part 3.