Monday, 10 October 2011

Walking tall

Though perhaps "high" (in the spatial sense, of course) is a better term than tall!

It was, in no uncertain terms, a great weekend here on the Little Red Dot. Work, cooking, walking, sightseeing, new and slightly newer friends, rest...a happy time, indeed. Saturday featured Skyping with friends and family (side note: I can't imagine how I studied abroad all those years ago without Skype, Facetime, etc., etc. - so much easier now!), a bit of work (I love my job), a bit of wandering, and then the Night Safari. I don't have pics from the Safari (my camera doesn't do so well in low light), but suffice it to say that there were lions and tigers and (sloth) bears, otters, fishing cats, hippos, rhinos, and all sorts of other delightful creatures. The weather was breezy and gorgeous, the company delightful, and the rain held off until the cab was dropping me off at the covered walkway to my flat. A very good night indeed, and I can't wait to go back (and to hit the zoo!).

Sunday featured a bit of work out at a coffee shop, cooking (quinoa with butternut pumpkin (squash), garlic, onion, sage and just a sprinkle of Parmesan cheese followed by a pineapple/papaya salad), some reading (Christopher Isherwood), coffee, and then the highlight of the day: a walk out at the Southern Ridges with some of my co-workers. Goodness me, but Singapore knows how to design a park! We started at the Alexandra Arch, backtracked a bit toward (though not to) the Canopy Walk, and then back over to the Forest Walk and Henderson Waves bridge. The pictures below try, but it was hard to capture the feeling of walking in the treetops, looking down to the ground and over across the skyline. I love the outdoors in Singapore - as hot and humid as it is, the views are spectacular, and they have done a wonderful job of incorporating the infrastructure for the experience into the surroundings. Loved it, and will head back *soon*!

The bridge

Tuesday, 4 October 2011


One of the best things about living in Singapore is how easy it is to get to someplace else from Singapore. I look at maps periodically and tick off places I'd like to go, and look at how to get there. It astounds me, even now, two months in, that I live so close to places that always sounded so foreign to me.

This past weekend, I took of for a couple of days to one of those very foreign sounding places. Saturday morning saw me at the airport at 6:30 to meet the nine other people with whom I'd be traveling to Jakarta. I had met a couple of the others before, but for the most part it was a new set of people for me. Luckily for me, it was an interesting, funny group and we had a good time.

Not a weekend for learning the city, but a good time for a bit of wandering, a lot of playing and shopping, a lovely massage, and a crazy cab driver. All in all, a lovely weekend away.

The empty lane there is a bus-only lane

Looking down from the top floor in a shopping mall. Lots of, "Hey lady! You like, you buy!" Hard to explain that, no, I really don't want to buy

This does not even begin to show the traffic

This gives a slightly more representative picture. We were walking along the roadway - two tall, western females. Lots of calls and shouts...

We took a bajaj from the shopping center to the hotel - great driver...

...cramped space!

At the nightclub a different life from the one I lead.