Wednesday, 1 February 2012


It's been a whirlwind North American trip thus far. I've taken no pictures, seen no great sights, and experienced no once-in-a-lifetime moments. What I have done is catch up with old friends, wander around some of my favorite cities, visit some of my favorite places, and dive deeply into the life that I've missed since I left. It's been good. So good. Damn, I know some interesting, lovely, and delightful people!

The funny thing, though?

I actually find myself missing Singapore.

I do miss things here. Being in Chicago (in my old apartment building, no less, with my old neighbors who I miss SoMuch) made me remember how much I love it there. DC is always a good place to wander, and the Ethiopian food was something I've sorely missed. Toronto was lovely and snowy and beautifully Canadian, and I had forgotten (in the ten years since I've been here) how stunning and compact Boston is. The overwhelming feeling I've had since being back is "cozy" - something I rarely experience on the Red Dot. There's something about coming in from a cold day to take off the coat and gloves and scarf and boots. Something about curling up under a blanket with a book or the computer (because work must get done, of course) on my lap. Something about seasons and short days and long nights. I can't live forever without snow and wool and soup.

But my life is in Singapore now. My things, my routines. I'm loving this trip and everything about it. But I will be ready to return home when the time comes. I often find myself looking back, trying to make sense of the stories in my past, working to identify patterns and continue the good ones while halting the bad ones. I don't always do a great job of that, and I sometimes get stuck. Now is the time to appreciate where I am, and look forward to the future. Working on it.

Working on it.

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