Saturday, 13 August 2011


...or, "If I don't get over this insomnia thing, I may have to take up jogging again."

There's a PCN (Park Connector Network) path that runs along the canal behind my apartment. Because I don't seem to be over the jet lag issue (or because I just have problems with sleeping generally), I've been having fairly bad insomnia of late. This means, in short, that I've been up at 4:30/5 AM for the last several days, and I'm beginning to fear that my bumbling around in the dark trying to keep quiet may be disturbing my roommate. This, combined with the fact that it was cloudy and (relatively - this is Singapore, after all) cool this morning, meant that I was out for a walk at around 6:45 this morning. Some pics of the path and the flora surrounding it are shown below.

The bridge that leads across the canal and into my building-area

I love that they apologize for the inconvenience of the trail ending

Sensitive plants! I love watching the leaves close up after you stroke them

This picture does not do this plant justice. It was gorgeous

It's not the most exciting walk in the world, but on a cloudy Saturday morning way too early, it was both packed with walkers, joggers, and the occasional cyclist, and yet calming and lovely. I enjoyed it quite a bit, and if I'm up at the crack of dawn again tomorrow, I think I'll lace up the jogging shoes, throw on the gross work-out clothes, and head out for an early AM trot.

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  1. Thank you for this glimpse of your walk, Caitlin! The bridge+the scenery reminds me of the High Line in NYC.

    And we were introduced to the delicate leafy plants that close on touch when we were in the Philippines. I heart them, too! : )