Thursday, 25 August 2011

A few things

* My job is sort-of headquartered in the US, so I'm at currently at work waiting for a conference call. Early for some, late for others, but it works.

* My blog is generally somewhat scattered, but a couple of blogs that I found *really* helpful before arriving were Crystal and Bryan in Singapore and Jeffrey and Flora: Living in Singapore. Both are really well written, have some great photographs, and give a good perspective on being an American expat in Singapore. Good stuff.

* Have been enjoying time out with my colleagues of late. They're a fun group!

* I'm still trying to get hooked up with a cell phone that doesn't seem as though it's from 1994. Wish me luck!

* The Presidential election is this weekend, and it's bizarrely unlike a U.S. election. Such a short campaign period! Such a high turnout expected! So much bickering among candida...oh wait, that part is familiar. There's an interesting story in the Financial Times about the whole thing.

* However, since I can't vote on Saturday I'm going to take the opportunity to head out for a small celebration - my dissertation was formally approved by my university. Yay! All done! Time for a massage. And a beach.


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