Monday, 1 August 2011


I've now made it through my first few days, including my first day at work. I think that work is going to be really good - there are some interesting projects going on, and the people seem quite fascinating! It's a diverse group with diverse interests, which I'm very glad of.

But, much to my chagrin, I'm realizing that I'm...spoiled. Chicago has spoiled me.

Part the first: Apartment hunting
My apartment in Chicago was huge, well-maintained, in a great location, with the best neighbors ever. Rent was right around $1,000/month. In Singapore? The equivalent of US$1,000/month will get me...a bedroom in a shared flat with a shared bathroom. No guarantee that it will be close to transit, no closet that could double as a bedroom, no likelihood of ceiling fans. I thought I was prepared for the reality of looking for a place, but I was wrong. It will work, somehow or other, but please cross fingers hard for me!

Part the second: Cycling
I've only seen a handful of cyclists since my arrival, and most have fallen into the categories of either spandex warriors or sidewalk riders. I can't blame either faction, as the city is just not designed for on-street cycling, at least in the areas I've been (limited, granted). I cycled in, about, and all over Chicago, and I don't want to give up that part of myself; however, I'm going to have to think through the realities of *how* to cycle in Singapore, and I may have to accept that it will have a more limited part in my life here. This is sad for me, as cycling has become an ingrained part of my identity. I will make it work somehow, but it may not be to the extent to which I'm accustomed.


However, with those few things aside, I'm a happy camper. I'm, a) employed (!), b) exploring a part of the world that's new to me, c) releasing a lot of stress and anxiety, and d) Done With The Dissertation (the joy over that last part is going to last, I'm guessing, for at least another three months).


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